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Vengeance-Sound MBC offers 4 full-spec compressors, each including an optional limiter, plus a master output limiter for the overall sum. Each compressor has independent threshold, ratio (1:1 to 1:infinity), soft- or hard-knee characteristic, attack, release and boost controls. MBC has a comfortable “Autogain” option, where any loss of level caused by the compression process is automatically compensated for. The number of compressors used can be freely selected – 1, 2, 3 or 4. These frequency bands are separated by first-rate filters with slope values ranging from 6db to 96db that, unlike standard filters, produce no phase artifacts whatsoever. Despite all these parameters, MBC includes top-notch optical feedback so you can understand what is going on at a glance: 2 FFT analysers (1 pre-compressor, 1 post-compressor) as well as a live oscilloscope for each band showing the audio signal before as well as after compression within the same display (colour coded). Furthermore, each band has its own input and output level display. The main large input and output VUs can be switched between standard and a “Density” view, which shows how strongly different levels of signal are compressed.

MBC also offers a few unique innovations for a compressor. For instance, its DPC (Dynamic Pattern Compressor) lets you inject new life into flat, over-compressed audio material: Just select one of the many preset patterns to suit the rhythm of your track (e.g. 16ths for Hi-Hats, “Latin Grooves” for mid percussion, or strengthen on-beat or off-beat in the bass frequencies). You may be astonished by the results, but please be aware that DPC should only be applied in fine doses while mastering entire tracks. Of course there's nothing stopping you from processing individual signals (such as drum loops) much more drastically!



Technical Details:

  • VST / PC & Intel Mac VST / AU - runs in all compatible hosts.
  • You can choose between 1 band, 2, 3 or 4 band mode.
  • High quality filter models, from 6db to 96db - without any phasing issues!
  • Up to 4 independent compressors (one per selected band).
  • Hard-/softknee mode, optional autogain, optional autorelease for every compressor.
  • Graphical Ratio/Treshold curve display.
  • up to 4 limiters (one for each band) + 1 mastering limiter (sum), also with autorelease.
  • New York Compression: MIX knob, to bring back some original dynamic!
  • Live waveform scopes for every channel.
  • Realtime FFT analyzer (in-/output overlay to compare dry and wet signals).
  • Unique new feature: the "DPC" (dynamic pattern compressor).
  • Anti distortion filters for ultra-short releasetimes.
  • Many cool presets included: ranging from complete masterings to special fx.
  • All parameters are automatable (host).

USB Dongle required! (

VST2.4, AU (MAC)

Windows XP/Vista/Win7
Intel Mac OSX 10.5.3

no RTAS!
no PowerMac!


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